The Daily Haul is a local mobile fresh seafood market offering fresh, boat to table fish & locally sourced shellfish. Headquartered in Portsmouth with additional pick up locations in South Hampton, NH; Derry, NH; Hollis, NH, Durham NH, Barrington, NH, Newfields, NH, & Dracut MA. Serving the New Hampshire Seacoast, Southern Maine & Northern Massachusetts.

The Daily Haul was started by brother and sister team Heidi Marquis & Jamie Hayward with the intention of getting the crew of the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth back out on the water working in the wake of COVID19 & the fishing industry shutting down overnight.

Jamie is a seasoned fisherman with 30 years in the industry, captain of F/V Heidi & Elisabeth, and operator of Heidi Seafood Services.  Heidi is new to the fishing industry, taught herself how to build a website & is having a great time getting involved with the community. The Daily Haul was created to help local fishermen make ends meet & create jobs by offering alternative selling channels.

Like most industries, fishing is experiencing rapid changes caused by COVID-19 so here's what were offering:

  • Fresh, never frozen fish, sourced locally from Maine, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts fishermen. 
  • Contact-less Curb Side Pick Up. Everything is pre-paid for online making the process quick and we offer multiple levels of contact-less from coming up to our booth or car delivery. The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.
  • Price transparency: We are charging fair and honest prices based on market rate and selling costs.

We're new & we are learning to work in this new environment too. Know we are committed to providing you the best service at fair prices. Thanks for checking us out & we look forward to serving you the freshest seafood!

*P.S. If you are wondering who Elisabeth is (the second of half of F/V Heidi & Elisabeth), she is our sister. She moved back to the seacoast bc of Covid and helps us every now and then!

Below is Heidi & Jamie with Jamie's daughter, Isabelle.


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